College of Foreign Languages comprises English Department, Japanese Department and Foreign Language Teaching Section for Undergraduates and Postgraduates. We have five academic research centers: Center for English Literary and Cultural Studies, Center for Corpus Linguistics Studies, Center for Academic Discourse Studies, Computer-Assisted Language Learning Center, and Center for Contemporary Japanese Studies. The College boasts a staff of 112, with 100 teachers including 6 full professors and 24 associate professors. Besides the shared software and hardware from the University, we also have one college library, two Japanese-featured reference rooms and 18 language laboratories. In the college library, there are over 100,000 professional books, including 21 kinds of foreign journals, and 35 kinds of domestic core journals, all in the field of English and Japanese studies. The two Japanese-featured reference rooms accommodate a rich collection of more than 4150 Japanese academic books, influential journals, etc., originally donated by Japanese linguist Nomoto Kikuo and Japanese literature expert Kunimatsu Akira. All these greatly facilitate teaching and research of the college.

Donghua University, affiliated to the Ministry of Education, is one of the top 100 universities in China, namely, 211 Project University. As one of its mainly constructed colleges, College of Foreign Languages (CFL) has a long history dating back to 1951. First as the Foreign Languages Teaching Section, then as the Department of Foreign Languages and under its present name since 1999, CFL continues to build on its heritage of academic excellence. In the past decades, CFL has committed itself to language teaching, offering English and Japanese languages teaching as well as French and German. In recent years, it is making a transition into a teaching and research college.